Tinks accepts children from birth onwards. The children are separated into age groups, each group with its own special staff, environment and range of activities.

First Stage

Our staff will care for your baby or very young child on an individual basis, taking into account your child’s own sleeping patterns. In a safe and stimulating environment, your child’s development will be carefully monitored – The nursery is working in partnership with you.

Second Stage

At this stage, your child will gradually be introduced to the pleasures of education play and social interaction. Because of Tink’s traditional values and approach to the first seeds of self-discipline and respect for others are sown. Staff will carefully monitor your child’s progression, both physical and intellectual

Third Stage

By now your child will have greater social skills, improved concentration and will be keen to learn. They will be introduced to all elements of the pre-school national curriculum, working in small groups. In this way, Tinks will have laid the foundations for school and provide you with an up to date record of your child’s achievements